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Tsingtao Enns King Trailer
Model No.
2T timber trailer

Model No.:EK-350 Honda Engine: 7HP/5kw, electric+pull start+pull start Max rotary speed: 3000r/m Pressure of oil pump: 16MPa Flow: 6L/Minute Working temperture: -40-80℃ Lifting height of crane: 3.5M Length of crane: 3.5M Max loading of crane: 400kg Right and left turning angle: +-90℃ Weight of crane: 90kg Weight of grapple: 40kg Weight of crane+trailer: 600kg Max loading of trailer: 2000Kg

5.5T timber trailer
ATV timber trailer
2.5T timber trailer
3T timber trailer
3.5T timber trailer
6T timber trailer
8T timber trailer
8T timber trailer
5.5T timber trailer(1)  -  ATV timber trailer(1)  -  2T timber trailer(1)  -  2.5T timber trailer(1)  -  3T timber trailer(1)  -  3.5T timber trailer(1)  -  6T timber trailer(1)  -  8T timber trailer(1)  -  8T timber trailer(1)
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Enns King Trailer
Enns King Trailer

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