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Tsingtao Enns King Trailer
Model No.
ATV timber trailer

1. Zinc electroplating with iridescent yellow chromate conversion coating for tow bar, tyre nuts, hub and upper side support. It features anti-corrosion and endurance, etc. 2. Chinese famous brand ATV tyre with CE & DOT. Size: 22 X 11-10. 3. With rubber cover on the side support. 4. Turning 360 degree head of tow bar, suit for all road surface. 5. Full galvanized metal for all side support, second antirust surface treatment after galvanization. It features endurance. You can choose any color paint as pictures on the first page ...

5.5T timber trailer
2T timber trailer
2.5T timber trailer
3T timber trailer
3.5T timber trailer
6T timber trailer
8T timber trailer
8T timber trailer
5.5T timber trailer(1)  -  ATV timber trailer(1)  -  2T timber trailer(1)  -  2.5T timber trailer(1)  -  3T timber trailer(1)  -  3.5T timber trailer(1)  -  6T timber trailer(1)  -  8T timber trailer(1)  -  8T timber trailer(1)
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Enns King Trailer
Enns King Trailer

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